Restricting Sign Up Access by Domain Name (Work Email Only)

Hi, I want to restrict emails used during the signup process to only pre-approved work emails for corporate customers. I’m thinking I’d do this by only allowing certain domain endings listed in either a field or a separate collection to be used (for example email addresses ending in,, etc.). Has anyone done this or know how to do it?

I would set this up as a form and a non-user database. People can ‘request to register’ essentially, connect that on the back end to something like a zapier trigger that goes through logic checks and then either doesn’t proceed if they fail the check, or else if they do pass the checks, they are added to Adalo via zapier as a new user with a temporary password.

Interesting, I was hoping I could do something like have the “signup” button only be clickable if the email field contains one of the domain endings I have listed elsewhere. Just don’t know how to do that in the provided Adalo field…maybe I’ll just have to create my own.

and if the person uses a domain like “”, they get a message saying they need to use their work email

Yes this is possible within Adalo.
Sorry to say I won’t publish for free on this occasion, it takes some time to overcome and a man’s got to eat. Hint, you have to split the fields into email of two parts. If you can’t figure it out I will be happy to help for a modest fee. You can PM me :slight_smile:

So, I am championing @axme’s new venture.

I had seen his post on this forum and today made the move to be his first listing. Having never come across @axme before I just jumped in and went through his onboarding process. Road test complete, I then chatted with him for 20 mins about his venture and all things Adalo.

I have made a cloneable app and it’s available now. LINK

Good luck to Axel with
@Emeka, if you do choose to get the clone template then I’m sure you will be happy.


I’ve seen what @Rozza has built and it has two very elegant ways of solving it, I’d recommend to grab the template from him here

Not putting @Rozza’s great work to trash :raised_hands: and just adding some information about how you can get the email domain of the entered email. And for this you need a custom form and if you use a normal form you need to do this with a countdown on another screen!

Capturing user email domain - #3 by TKOTC ( JavaScript and Xano - posted by Steven )

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And now you can do the conditions with this value.

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Well done @dilon_perera
I think you are an encyclopedia of previous posts.

I have included this and built it into the template. If it ever goes anywhere I will shout you and Pragmaflow some beers.



Thank you for the recommendations. I’m going to incorporate elements of this cloneable app and see if it solves my problem.

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