Embedding an Adalo list into my Wix site

Hi there,

Some context on my startup idea and problem:

I’ve been working on a startup idea that essentially lists all the live music events in Cape Town in one place. I’ve built this idea successfully as a PWA using Adalo, but through the process have realised that a standard website format will be much better than an app. (People don’t want to download more apps).

However, after using Adalo to build a desktop version of my idea (which also works well, and looks great, except for the mobile responsiveness - another topic for another day), I’ve realised that I need to rather build a standard website, not a desktop app. Reason being is that the website needs to be very simple - just a list of events, with a Google map that shows the location of these events. Secondly, I need strong SEO tools to make sure my site ranks high on Google, and Adalo does not offer this yet.

Here’s the desktop build: https://www.livemusiccapetown.co.za/?target=6fhfmx4aw1j4pgj5ggzbb1drz&params={}

The question:

I love using Wix to build sites. It’s got beautiful design tools, and it’s much cheaper than Wordpress for starting out. However, the list (in Wix language called the “repeater”) tools are very limited.

Can I embed the list that I’ve already built in Adalo into my Wix site, whilst still managing the database from Adalo’s side?

And then - will I be able to use Adalo’s nice dropdown filters on my Wix site too?

Final words:

I would love to continue using Adalo for its database and logic functions - which website builders like Wix lack. But it would be great to have the design and mobile responsiveness tools that Wix does so well.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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