Enabling users to post videos

Hello community, I want to create an app where users can post their videos, anyone with solutions, I’m not talking about just pictures, but also videos

Yes this is entirely possible. Use the file uploader for users to upload them, then plyr video component to play to videos.

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How sir?

Sorry, I don’t really understand clearly

Create a collection including the File property and add a File Picker component like Nathan said and add a button and add a create action to that collection and for that created file property add that file picker input and add a custom list and inside it add the video component and connect the list to that collection and rename the video URL in the video component with magic text to file property> URL.

Or you can do the same using a form!

A example : Como puedo poner videos? - #9 by dilon_perera

Thank you

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It is not possible to record video directly in your app then upload (think instagram, whatsapp, tik tok)

There is a 3rd party component for a monthly charge, I demo’d the photo version, I did not find it reliable. 50% of photos were not uploaded.

Demo is free, so why not try it.

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