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Hi everyone,

I’m creating an app based on user-generated content and I’d like users to be able to upload videos. These videos need to be vertical and they would need to appear in the homepage (not full screen, 3/4 because I want some text components to be visible beneath each video).

I saw that I can insert the “file picker” component to allow users to upload videos but I don’t know what component to use to show the videos in the homepage. Ideally I’d like to have a video slider in order to allow users to view more videos of the same category by simply swiping left or right. Can you recommend any paid or free component that I can install to do this?

Thank you very much for you help!


Hello, If you would like to play the video uploaded, you can use a free component in the marketplace called “Plyr video”.

Thank you!

Hi Ali,

I downloaded the video component but I’m having a difficult time implementing it. I’ve created an upload video process for users using the file picker (the videos are uploaded in a .mov file as that’s how phones save videos). Then, I store the video in my “contributions” collection. However, I have created a list of the “contributions” and inserted the plyr component to show the video that was uploaded, but it isn’t showing. I’m not understanding why. I’m also wondering what other service I can implement to compress the videos once the users upload a video to make them lighter. I would like the format showing to be in .mp4 for users are uploading in .mov. Do you know how I can go about this? Thanks!

Hi Federica,

As far as I’m aware a component for swipe videos to see is not available. Could make a custom one but with clicking.

I’ll check this since I have access to your app!

Maybe you could use a API like this? : API v1.0.0

Thank you

Hi Dilon, thanks so much for always coming to the rescue! I was able to create the page as I wanted even though you are right, there is no possibility to have a slider :muscle: The video wasn’t showing initially because the Plyr component only allows mp4 videos. So I uploaded an mp4 video and the video is showing. The freeconvert api looks great to convert the .mov files into .mp4, thanks for telling me about it! I’ll try to implement everything, should this be done through Zapier or custom actions? And do you think it’s best if I also have an external database to store all these video files or the Adalo database is ok? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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