Error get all api request call

I am having issues with get all search endpoints through giphy api call. I havent added some querry param because i want it to be filtered by users later when the search am getting this error even after putting results key.

A query parameter is a required field with the GIPHY search API. You could have a property on the user database ’ search criteria’, then you can use this as magic text when setting up the API here.

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Thanks for the reply
I am still getting the same error.

What’s the full response?

and if i dont fill in the get all it gives me a long response but with still an error

Did you try results key ‘data’?

Thanks i really appreciate it now how can add it to the image list search

@theadaloguy can you please tell me how how i can connecr the external collection to image list search.

I didn’t use this specific API before. However, the following video, about using Pixabay API, should be relevant and similar style to what you are trying to do here:

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