How to connect Giphy API


I’m a beginner on Adalo, creating a photo sharing app like IG. I want to add Giphy collection so users can upload Gifs instead of their own pictures.

I’m having a difficulty connecting the Giphy API though I went through this similar Q&A.

Especially, I’m not sure what to do with “the result keys” or don’t have a good idea on what the endpoints mean.

The attached is the error message and my input.

Any advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance.

hi @yudai,
What default value have you put in the field search criteria?

Fabio, thanks for your question! I added nothing yet. Should add anything?

sure @yudai,
when you select logged-in user → search criteria and click in the pencil icon you can put a value to use for the request


Hi Yudai,

I think the issue is you didn’t put a test value here.


A video of how I connected it.

Thank you

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Thanks a lot for you guys. Actually, it worked out! Fantastic!
It’s my first time to build an app on my own, but it’s been super fun journey.

Again, thanks a lot for your help:)

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Actually, now I’m having a similar issue to connect with Spotify API. If you have experience, I’d really appreciate it. No pressure though:)

Have a wonderful day😊