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am trying to integrate the pexels api, which seems fairly easy.
Intended outcome is that the user searches for an image and then sees a list of the photos found. He can then choose one which saves this image url into some user property.

My questions is: Would I use the external collection or the custom action ?
Using the external collection seems to be only possible when I already know the search term, as I have to hard enter it into the query parameter.
Using the custom action seems to to return only the first item of the search results.

Update: Ok I just realized that I can use a query parameter as a filter in external collection… but how would I save the external collection without this one parameter then?


it is very close to this solution here:

however the pexels api would not let me use 2 parements, but I have to enter one…

@karimoo would you have a suggestion for this one as well? Thanks a lot

Hi Julian,

Although I cannot provide an exact solution to this, perhaps this forum topic also might give some clues on to how to achieve this: External Collection Pagination

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Thanks. Filters are great because they take variables, however the API itself requires the search term as mandatory and to save the collection in Adalo I need to fill it…
Solution would be to fill it with a variable, or to be able to save an external collection that has a missing parameter…

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Yes Julian, this is definitely an issue I have brought up several times to the Adalo team as well. I go over this in my tutorial for the Pixabay API, which is an API that lets you retrieve images without a required search parameter. But hopefully the Adalo team will take a look at API setups and make improvements here. Part 1: Using the Pixabay API to Dynamically Search for Images in Adalo - YouTube

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I was messing around with this today and I can confirm that this isn’t currently possible to query Pexels API using a list filter parameter :pensive:

And let’s face it, their rate limit is 200 requests per hour, depending on your application and user collection you might run into problems down the line.

Looks like @pford solution with Pixabay’s API is definitely the way to go!
(Awsome video tutorial :heart_eyes:)

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Update on my tutorial though, I think someone said that Pixabay doesn’t allow hotlinking (referencing the URL of an image in the app) but that Unsplash does, and also works without a search parameter. I will see if I can find where I saw that.


Here it is: Paging Through API Results in Adalo (using Pixabay) - #14 by ChristopheHK

Cool, this might be the best solution! but 50 requests per hour for a demo account :dizzy_face:
The good news is that they have a partnership program that lets you use their API for free :heart_eyes:

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