Error Null When Building For Apple

Hey guys!

I’m currently trying to get a build out in Testflight, but it’s failing with a “null” error. What do I need to do about that?

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Build fails happen for a lot of different reasons. Search the error logs for “error” to find the problem.

If you can’t figure out the problem, it’s recommended to submit a support ticket to Adalo so that they can help you troubleshoot the issue.

I’ve submitted a ticket, and I saw that a couple of test builds were being done - so I’m guessing it’s being worked on!

However, to add some extra context from other tries: One of the errors I’m getting says that it’s having trouble retrieving an image (a logo that I uploaded to the app, and probably the one that I uploaded for the iOS loading screen).

Is there a fix for that?

Still no success on this. App release was due Tuesday, and I’ve only had a few support responses.

Has anyone else been running into this issue? Or am I the only one?

Yes, it’s been 12 days I’m not able to build on Apple.
The support does not help, and keep telling me to delete everything on my Apple Account (I do it everytime) and I’m left with the paying plan without app.

My issue was finally solved! I had to remove all distribution AND developer certificates from mine, add a personal testing device, and then build.

I don’t know what happened to make that so complicated compared to before, but that’s what I ended up having to do.

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