BUG - Missing screens error while the screen are linked


I am facing an issue.
I have 2 screens that are linked but when I click on the button on preview, it says missing screen.

I tried everything but it seems that Adalo is simply unstable.

I found another closed post on the forum with someone facing the same issue a year ago … without any solution.

  • On advance parameters I do not have “happen only sometimes”
  • The linked screen is only visible for the login user but I tested and previewed as a logged in user
  • There is no group involved with a missing screen.

On building mode

When I click on the rectangle in preview mode

Everything was working perfectly yesterday. I have a big demo of the project tomorrow… What should I do ?

In addition, it seems that the preview is not working showing updates in real life.
I tried to color a button in blue. When I click on preview, the button is still pink.

Are there some issues on Adalo side? @anon78309838
Thanks in advance for your help,


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