"Screen Missing" shows when linking to a screen that does infact exist (Web App)

I’ve got a profile photo wrapped in a list of Users to gain access to Current User for a dynamic View Profile screen.

The link was previously working and now all of a sudden, when I click the photo, the link doesn’t work and I get Screen Missing

Anyone have this problem before?

sometimes when you make changes, Adalo doesn’t catch up right away, just give it some “refesh” on the tab and try again (assuming that your links are all working properly)

just in case: if you have a list or a button in a group, just check if they don’t have another “link” action on a sub-component

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Ugh, I usually check for these sort of things, there was a hidden broken link nested. Thanks for reminding me to check :dizzy_face:

don’t mention it, happy to help

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