Error showing up when I picking boolean value when signing up a user

Hi there!

So I’m seeing this unexplainable error when I try and sign-up a user. Everything is working fine but when I select a value for a boolean property in the user collection, it ambiguously says, “An error occurred,” with no further details. Here’s a video: see here

I’ve tried removing and recreating those boolean fields. I’ve tried it on other screens and in other actions as well (e.g. not with ‘Sign Up’ but with ‘Update’) and I keep encountering the same problem.

I don’t seem to have the problem with any other property type (e.g. text, email, relationships)

Please help!

Thanks for writing in, we were able to address this issue earlier today. What is still an outstanding bug is when selecting the update true the text does not show, but the function is working.

Perfect. Thank you so much!

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