Error Uploading Image

Hi All, any idea why I cant upload an image? It says: There was an error uploading your image. Please make sure the file type is allowed and check that the file type matches the extension.



Is that the only image causing the problem or does it happen with others?

Happens with others as well…

Since I’m practicing, I download the images from Google; ie Save image as > then save it as a JPEG in a folder on my desktop.

Then I get that error when I try use that photo. Initially, when I saved the image to downloads it would work, but not its just giving me that error regardless…

Any help would be much appreciated, TIA

Have you tried setting up the image element again in the app? Sometimes that works. Delete the current one and create it again.

Have you tried other image formats? Do they upload?

If nothing works, then open a ticket with Adalo support.

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