Unable to upload images

I tried to upload images to the database but got this error every time:

The images are in jpg format and 15-40 KB size.
Does anyone else have this problem or just me?

It’s my first time ever seeing such an issue, I wonder what could be wrong :thinking: :thinking:

I had that yesterday around 8pm GMT. After a few tries it worked.

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I also had that issue this hard refresh your session and it should be fine after that.

This is coming up for me today. It keeps telling me the same thing that my image format isn’t correct. I am re-uploading the same image I did before which I made minor change to it. Now I can’t upload any image regardless.

This is a weird bug that happens randomly from what I gathered.

What I did to make it work.
Refresh your editor / browser window
Copy / Paste the image on your desktop.
Use that duplicate

It “should” work, but can’t say guaranteed.

Thanks for the reply. I have tried everything that you mentioned. Still doesn’t work. I have even logout completely and logged back in. I have even reduced the size my image. Still I can’t get it to work. What is weird, it was working this morning.

i got this bug few minutes ago too. but now it fixed by itself. can you try upload em again and let us know whether it works for you or not

Oh, another idea.

Try deleting that image component and replace with a new one. Basically starting over with the component. At least test the upload part on the side before deleting if the component is complex already.

Another thing you can try: Open your image outside Adalo, on your image editor and export it again to JPG. Maybe something happened when saving or creating that image that is causing the issue. By exporting it again, you’ll have a fresh JPG which should have the correct formatting.

Another suggestion is what @marklive suggested. Remove the image component, create it again and then try again to submit the image.

Yes. It is working now. Thanks for let me know.

Thanks everyone for jumping in to provide solutions.