Evaluating Adalo

Hello. I am evaluating if Adalo will be good for what I am building. I am building crisis prevention app that would allow users to:

  1. Call a crisis hotline phone number that I designate
  2. Text a crisis textline I program that I designate
  3. Click to a scheduler to schedule an therapy intake appointment
  4. Watch resource videos (ie. YT or Tiktok). Likely a video file hosted on the platform instead of linking to the video
  5. Upload their own photos
  6. send anonymous suggestions to a Google Jamboard
  7. Get utilization data (how much it’s used, bounce rate, etc.)

Would Adalo be able to support these functionalities?


1 through 5, yes.

6 - There is no API for google jamboard as far as I know.
7 - you can view reports about these stats from both Google Play and Apple App stores.

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@Flawless Thank you!

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You can also use Mixpanel for Free (5 reports - before you pay) which gives very detailed real time data, like google analytics. Simply add the Mixpanel panel token (in app settings in Adalo) after you create a mixpanel account. You can create any number of reports for any number of situations…Very powerful. We use it for all our apps.

Thank you so much!!

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