Event App - crawling data from social media / websites and radar like search tool


me as an absolute non-coder (business major) want to build an event app.

So i was wondering whether Adalo is capable of the following:

  1. Crawling data from social media and websites

Is it possible that adalo crawls selected social media profiles (instagram/facebook) and websites for event information (date, location, entry fee, etc.) and automatically update my database? So that i don’t need to add new events manually

  1. Incorporate a radar like search tool

I would like to incorporate a radar like search tool to search for events nearby. Maybe some of you know the dating app “lovoo”.
I saw that adalo supports geolocation, so technically it should be possible, right? I was just wondering about the user interface part.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Suloo,

For the first topic you might need to check the options of ZAPIER in combination with Feedly which could help you in retrieving data from different online locations and store this data.

For the sceond one, I do believe your could create this, but don’t know how.

KR Bram

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