Autofill search bar with suggestions of places from Google Maps

Imagine the search bar in Google Maps. I want to recreate that in Adalo. I have a google maps API key but unable to figure out how to get my search bar to start responding to the API by showing a list of places based on the text I type in it.

Found this thread from earlier which didn’t provide any answer - Autofill search bar with Google Maps locations

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Not sure about the API but I think Adalo is building this feature :

And Complab also created a component for this that maybe you can use until Adalo release that feature :


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Thanks Dilon. The Complab option is a bit too expensive for me. Will wait for the Adalo feature. In the meanwhile, do you know of any work around that I could use?

Hi Nikhil ( @nikhilnadiger ),

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There is a Awesome news that lots of Location Features are in BETA including the search feature! :star_struck:

See this topic by Jesse :

If you need to test them in BETA DM Jesse!

Here’s the Docs that you can see what are they :

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Hi @nikhilnadiger,

Just to update you :

A Hot news that Location Features are launched! :fire: :tada:

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