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I’m working on another app. It’s an event app. I have a RSVP button that I don’t want visible to the event creator. I also don’t want it available to someone who has already RSVP’d. I want to replace it with a “you have already rsvp’d to this event” message.

How can I make this possible?

Hi Dani,

Like this?

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Oh my gosh!! This is exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you so much…

Can I bug you with another question??

My other app was set up by another developer, so I’m learning this stuff. We had it set up to be able to generate pdf reports. It’s creating the report, but when it tries to pull the pdf there’s a 404 error. How can I get into the backend of this url where the reports are to be stored to figure this out? https://foster-accountability.adalo.com/reports

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Great and Your Welcome!

Sorry I have no experience with the PDF Generator Component. The developer of this component can help you with this or someone in the community. I think the developer is @knight.

All the best.

Thank you

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