Im trying to create a list of events the host currenly has out if there is any out

im trying to create a list that shows current events that the host currently has out and not events that arent the host, but im not sure how host privileges work in adalo. ive created a rsvp button and would like the list show show how many users have rsvp-ed to this event. any advice or easiest way todo this?

This sounds like a simple situation where you’d create a one to many relationship between events and users (RSVP’ers) and then the button adds the current user (RSVPer) to the events. Then all you should have to do is include a text component that displays how many users have RSVP’ed. Sounds harder through text than it would be to demonstrate this, but my guess is that Patrick Ford or the Adalo Guy probably have this video on YouTube.

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If I understood you correctly maybe this video will help you!

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