Excel formula automatic

Hi, is possible to create a cell with formula inside like excel? Example:
I’ve a database with 3 number, the first and the second is hand filled by the user, but the third must appear automatically because is the sim of first two

1° space - 12
2°space - 3
3° aut. space - 15

Thanks a lot

Hello, would you like to do it only on Excel or in Adalo and then export the collection to Excel?

Thank you!

I would insert in my Adalo app

Okay, so these are some images that will guide you on how to establish this addition formula in Excel:


I hope I have solved your problem.
Thank you!

I need to insert on Adalo app not in excel

Okay, so have you inserted the data on your Adalo app’s database yet?


Hi @tsk985,

You want to see in your database that when you enter the two numbers on the two columns and in the other column the sum of that numbers are shown or just show the entered numbers and no need to show the sum of the numbers in the database and show the sum of the numbers in the app?

Thank you

I already solve my problem! Thanks in any case!

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