🎉 Exciting Announcement: Introducing the Advance Video Player!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of a game-changing addition to your toolbox – the Advance Video Player Component. Designed specifically for developers like you on the Adalo platform, this cutting-edge tool revolutionizes the way you integrate multimedia into your apps.

:star2: Unprecedented Control & Customization:
With the Advance Video Player Component, you have unparalleled control over your app’s multimedia features. Seamlessly integrate advanced functionalities such as limiting watch time, triggering actions upon completion, adjusting control colors, and initiating actions at specific intervals. Customize every aspect of your video experience effortlessly, tailoring it to your app’s unique needs.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Seamless Integration & Flexibility:
Integrate YouTube/Vimeo video URLs effortlessly into your Adalo apps with the Advance Video Player Component. Enjoy a seamless experience that allows your users to dive into a world of immersive multimedia with unmatched flexibility and convenience.

:link: Elevate Your App Experience:
Whether you’re building a content-rich platform, an educational app, or an entertainment hub, the Advance Video Player Component is your ultimate multimedia solution. Elevate your app’s video experience and unlock a realm of possibilities for engaging your audience like never before.

Ready to transform the way you incorporate multimedia into your Adalo apps? Start using the Advance Video Player Component today and take your development journey to new heights!




Nice add, Shantanu. Platform has been dying for some plus ups on the video and image management side of things. Couple questions for you:

  1. So this will play both user uploaded videos that are stored in the adalo database and/or the web links like youtube, etc.?
  2. Are you guys able to take this a step further and help with the video uploader. Been dying to have features such as autocompression embedded in the uploader to help with video size and experience on the front end.

Let me know.



Thank you for your questions. Here are your answers:

  1. Yes, it is capable of both functionalities. Please note that URLs from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo will only function on the web version, as mentioned.
  2. I will begin implementing the uploader as well. Thank you for the suggestion.


Awesome thanks. Streamlining that upload process to allow for larger videos without compression is one of the biggest issues right now. These videos should be loading and playing lightning fast…especially for the social apps.

Hi @jromeo80,

As I understand it, Adalo only permits a maximum of 50MB for file uploads to the database, so I’ll ensure that’s taken into account during development.


People using Adalify for file uploads are sometimes using uploads greater than 50mb, so don’t cap it if that’s what you mean as there will still be people to use it for large files.