Vimeo Component

I’d like to hire someone to develop a better video player component for me. One specifically geared towards Vimeo would probably be ideal.

The ability to cast to Chromecast devices, run automatically in full screen, and have the option to trigger actions at end of playback in Adalo are the main things I’m looking for. That, and more responsive scrubbing through the timeline for my videos.

Let me know if any of you are interested in the work! I’d be very happy to chat further.

Hi @Ditabo,
Have you checked, Adalo Component Marketplace? There are component for playing video, we can speak about customisation for you.
Do you need it for Web, or Native or both?

I have. I’ve got the native Adalo “Plyr” component working for my videos, and it’s essentially filling all my needs, except for the features detailed above. I would need this to work in web and native.