Violation of the user database

hi all, at about 10:00 my user database was hacked !!! … my user admin and the user of another user have been changed emails and username. I ask the experts how all this is possible … (my credentials are deleted every time I log out of adalo). How safe is Adalo?

Hi @Jiang

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I’m sorry you are facing this issue.

Adalo is safe based on my experience.

And you can Submit A Support Ticket

Thank you

hi, yes I have sent the ticket

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my credentials are deleted every time I log out of adalo

In your app ?

the credentials I use to enter the adalo platform … I believe that from the app you cannot enter and change your username, email and password. It is also strange that a user with a Russian prefix has registered because a confirmation SMS must arrive in the registration … But Russia cannot receive SMS from my application (I use Adastaks) … so I suspect that they have entered the server of Adalo and tampered with it

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