Expert needed. How many hours would it take?

I am new to the app creation game and need to create a budget for my personal development app.

To begin, I need to know the total estimated amount of hours it would take to create it and the estimated hours for each feature.


  • my app needs to be able to do is showcase a daily audio from me that will be replaced with a new audio recording every 24hr. I will be recording all the audio in bulk every week and will not be able to manually go in every day at midnight to take down and replace the audio recording with the next one. I need this to be able to be automated and pulling from a library of that weeks recordings.

  • habit scoring and tracking (a separate one for daily, weekly, and monthly)

  • daily push notifications to complete tasks

  • journaling section with given prompts, and a coaching video section that will showcase a video of myself training how to improve in desired areas.

  • daily prompts where certain tasks are in check list form and when completed, they receive points to gameify and encourage use.

  • have habit scores and daily check lists pulled to a data base that I would have access to to be able to see which daily habits contribute to the most success and also to use surveys to show tangible growth of using the app?

  • having a community section is important where users can engage, encourage, support, and celebrate each other across different topics (as typically seen with discord)

  • a way to “follow” other users to help hold each other accountable and know when they are completing daily tasks. (similar to completing your rings on apple watch and following friends to see it)

  • getting it onto the app store

Thank you!

Hopefully we can work together

What’s your expertise? This could easily be a 10-15 hour job or 30-40 depending on how good you are at database structures and app implementation.

I dont have any expertise, but looking for an expert to help me build it out. This is helpful to know the budget of who I will be able to hire.

Thank you!

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