Can Adalo build my app idea?

I need to ensure the finish line is in sight!

I am creating an app and new to the Adalo platform. I am a personal development coach and creating a subscription/membership app and need to know if I am in the right place.

The main feature that my app needs to be able to do is showcase a daily coaching audio from me that will be replaced with a new audio recording every 24hr. I will be recording all the audio in bulk every week and will not be able to manually go in every day at midnight to take down and replace the audio recording with the next days recording. I need this to be able to be automated and pulling from a library of that weeks recordings.
Is this possible to do within Adalo?

The other features that are required, are habit scoring and tracking with daily push notifications to complete, a journaling section with given prompts, and a coaching video section that will showcase a video of myself training how to improve in desired areas.

Having a community section is important where users can engage, encourage, support, and celebrate each other across different topics (as typically seen with discord)


  • I would love to have daily prompts where certain tasks are in check list form and when completed, they receive points to gameify and encourage use.
    -A leadership board showcasing usernames who have the most points would be great and a way to “follow” other users to help hold each other accountable and know when they are completely daily tasks. (similar to completing your rings on apple watch)

I would like to start app creation as soon as possible and need to know if this is able to be created on this platform.
Are there any features mentioned above that would need to be built out or hired out that is not featured in the app currently? If so, which ones and how much does it typically cost to create them?

Thank you!

Yes All of this can be done on Adalo DM Me or Email Me @ if you need any help

Hello, I’m ready to help you. This is my email:

Thank you!