Help on new project

Hi guys,
I’m trying to develop two apps:

  1. An errands and handyman app where people can place small jobs to be done and contractors or regular people can contact them and make proposals. At the beginning will be a free app so no need to have any kind of payments, that we’ll add later. Also a person can post task to get help with and also can post themselves as contractors to do other jobs

  2. An app where people can login using social accounts, leave voice recorded questions and a group of experts could answer them in private or make them public so other users could listen to them. It could be like a professor with the students or a psychologist with patients. Also, need users to be allowed to vote, like or rank questions and answers.

Is it possible to do those with Adalo and its plugins? If yes, how?
I hope you guys get what I need, if not please ask me for more explanation.

Thanks and regards,

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I know for a fact your first idea can be done.
I’m not knowledgable enough to answer for your second idea.

Good luck Carlos!

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Re: #2, the only logins for Adalo right now are Google and Apple (no facebook, twitter, etc.). Voice recording doesn’t exist yet either.

I’d recommend rethinking this to start with text submissions. Everything else is possible.

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