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I am looking to create a system where someone can add an ‘Asset’ which will automatically create a unique asset code, this will be used to generate a unique QR Code for that asset. We would like to be able to export that QR Code, print it and stick it onto the asset. Can anyone think of any way of doing this, maybe even automatically exporting and saving into a certain folder or something?

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Shameless self promotion here, but you can generate Barcodes with Adastacks - QR code generation is something I can easily add to that as well.

Alternatively, you can also use the QR code generator components in the Marketplace to do this!


Hi, thank you for your reply. The problem is more with the export of the QR Code rather than the generation of it, as currently I can only think of using a screenshot of the page or the snipping tool.

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Gotcha. At the moment Adalo doesn’t support binary format (files) sending or receiving, but you could potentially accomplish this with a workflow that downloads the code from a URL, then uploads it to a Drive folder or something. Adastacks returns an image URL that you could download and do that with.

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