QR code: How to load a QR code generated inside Adalo + How to generate and save a QR code without the user having to press on "save"


  1. How to load a QR code?
    Users who are subscribed have a QR property. How can I load this QR code image in another screen?

  2. Is there a way to save the QR code that’s generated with user specific information automatically? without the user having to see the QR code and without having to press the “save” button?

Many thanks

Hi Axel,

The QR code generator is designed to work dynamically with URL’s to other pages so the only setup you really need is for it to show the url you want to point to.

To do this, setup a url field in whatever collection you like, add the url to the record however you want to do that, and in your case you are using the user collection so make a field called ‘url for qrcode’.

Then on your qrcode screen, set the qr code generator content to…


This then automatically generates a code.

Let me know how you get on.


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