Exporting databases to native

Is it possible to export the database to a native app and it links up with each users account?

That’s the broad way of asking that, I know there is a little more to it.

I know I can export, but the account linking to the correct users database items when I install it to the native is where Idk about.

Basically I’m moving away from Adalo to native native, but I want to make sure my users data is fine when I do. Is that possible?

As far i know, its not possible due the deep integration of the database into the adalo environment.

Idk what you mean by deep integration. I’m looking to export the database from Adalo and install it in my own native app. No more Adalo.

Exporting the database is possible, but idk about linking the databases to the right user once I have it imported into my new native app that isn’t Adalo.

Hi @marklive,

Adalo DB Collection records have unique IDs (which are for some reason hidden from us). If you run API request to some Adalo collection, you will see these IDs as “id”.
In the API call results, relationships are returned as an array: [ 1, 2, 5 ], key is related collection name. By the way, any relationship (1:M, M:1, M:M) is returned like that.

So, technically speaking, you have all the data required to recreate relationships in another DB. Though this will require some development / scripting effort.

Best regards, Victor.

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