Link Adalo with SQL DB

Hi Guys!

I really need help! Can ANYONE perhaps assist on how to use API to get info from SQL DB to display on Adalo Native App (IOS and Android). Not sure what API info to use?

Thanks Guys!

Hi, @Franna! One possibility is for you to use Supabase ( It is a Postgres Database service that provides a rest api. That way you can use it as an external collection in Adalo. Another possibility is to use integrations in n8n (

We’re doing an integration w/ supabase now. Got most of it working.

@Erik - When do you choose to use an integration like Supabase for your client, instead of relying on the native db in Adalo?

Very rarely. We LOVE Adalo’s DB for majority of work.

Usually 4 reasons we’ll use an external DB:

  1. DB they’re already on
  2. If they’re interacting and manipulating the data - not just letting the application run
  3. Info sec requirement
  4. If we’re expecting heavy transactional processes (lots of reading/writing)
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