Extending Stripe Connect via Custom Actions

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I’m pretty new to Adalo and to this community but really hoping someone can lend some insights. I’m looking to build a service-based marketplace app. I was thrilled to learn that Adalo supports onboarding of merchants out of the box. That said, I am looking to charge users a platform subscription and then make payouts to individual merchants based on service utilization.

As an example: a user would purchase four units of service per month. Each time they book a service with one of our merchants, we would record that transaction. Then, each week, we would calculate total transaction volume for each merchant and make a payout from our platform account to each individual merchant based on how many bookings they’ve secured in the prior week.

I know this flow isn’t supported out of the box. However, since we do have access to the merchant’s Stripe account ID, it seems to me that it should be fairly trivial to implement payouts server-side via custom actions. Is this true, or am I being too optimistic? @Colin @ashley


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This sounds completely possible.

Just be aware though that holding on to revenue for periods of time might require some extra legal qualifications on Stripe’s side of things.


Thank you, sir! This is good to know. Opens up a lot more possibilities in terms of what revenue models Adalo can support. Might be worth a blog post walking folks through what’s possible using the Stripe Connect components in combination with Custom Actions. I think you’d find a lot of interest.


I’d like to echo @TSStrickland1’s request for a video on this…maybe a ‘Two minute Tuesday’ video…??? :slight_smile:


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