Custom subscriptions

Hi all - new to the forum here. Trying Adalo out vs. Bubble.

I’m looking to move a customizable subscription e-commerce platform from Bubble to Adalo.

Bubble allows for recurring/recursive scheduled/backend workflows that can be run without user involvement automatically. What I use this for is charging users for their custom subscription (this is a product where they customize their selections each month and are charged for the cart total at the renewal date).

I know Adalo integrates with Stripe Subscriptions, but that’s not an option given the customization of the “plan” that the user is constantly tweaking.

Does anyone know if this is obtainable in Adalo?

I think technically you would build the subscription part of it in Adalo and just use the regular Stripe purchase component to do this since the amount is changing and they are being prompted to select a new item each month. The tricky part here will be auto-reminding them each month to pick their choice I think.

The auto-reminding I don’t think would be too big of an issue for us (especially given the current customer base, email marketing, etc.).

That said, I’m so familiar with using Bubble’s recurring and backend workflows to charge based on specific conditions and dates, I don’t know how to achieve this in Adalo.

How would I go about automatically charging the user on a schedule each month without having them go in and make the purchase themselves? (some sort of scheduled automated workflow).

Maybe I’m missing something huge in Adalo but I don’t see a way of creating these scheduled/recurring “workflows” or actions.

Any pointers?

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