External collection list (Xano) repeating itself

Scrolling to the bottom of the list, the list will reload (almost like lazy loading) itself, returning the same collection another time.

Video link: https://www.loom.com/share/4bb503ee07794e0baea26dc6cfe70ffe

Has anyone experienced the same issue with external collections?

Not seen this before.

On the custom list, do you have lazy loading enabled?

Can you screenshot the list setup?

Same issue…

I’ve also experienced this on and off with Airtable external collections for a while.

Instead of loading the entire list the same 10 or so records just get repeated over and over.

It doesn’t happen every time and can sometimes be fixed by navigating away and coming back to the screen so has been a difficult one to pin down.

Nope, lazy loading isn’t even an option as I’m using custom list with external collections.

I also realised that this issue only comes up when my external collection contains 20 or more records. With 19records returned, no repeats happen.

I’m having this issue too.

It happens on a list I get using a secondary results key. Basically, I’m retrieving a conversation from the conversation table, then I have the messages in an object list within the conversation.

I had this issue some time ago and it was supposed to be solved, I think the best thing to do is to open a ticket.

Access messages from a separate endpoint, not using any results keys. Conversations doesn’t need to return the array of messages, it should just have conversation details.

Then have your messages endpoint, which can take a parameter of conversation_id

Set up your basic endpoints with no special filtering, then add filtering later.