The list of an external collection repeats the records at random

Hello everyone, I have a problem that is bothering me. I have an external collection from SQL Server. It consists of a list of 14 items that I have tested with postman and is fully functional. Even the test that ADALO does is perfect.
When I go to visualize the result in a custom list, I get the 14 lines, with in addition the first 8 lines and finally repeated again all the 14 lines. I tried to change the primary key, placement, sort. Anything. It does not want to know that it works. any help is welcome. Thank you

This is a bug that we’ve notified the Adalo staff about already. However, it would be a good idea to submit a ticket so that Adalo can properly troubleshoot this issue with your app and so you can be informed when there is a solution.

Here’s the link: Submit a Support Ticket

To date, despite having also opened a ticket, I have not received any response and the app continues to malfunction. I am really disappointed with this.