External collection no listing objects

I want to use openfoodfact, its a api providing a collection of products,

I tried to use a custom action to retrieve and then list, but its not possible because I cant save the response into our database or list directly,

So I decided going with external collection,

I was trying to get the list result of this:


So this is generating a collection of different products with “onion” word, so its a object with an array of PRODUCTS, so I want to list all these products to choose one,

if this is working, I will be able to do an external collection everytime with a magic text with a updated record in my profile for example, so that could work… not clean, but it would work.

I am doing it statically with “onion” as word, and I see the response and everything fine in the test, also if I go into external collection I see the attributes/keys but then when I create a list and I use this values, its always empty, so that is weird…

any help?