External Collection - Query Param provided later, but required during EC creation

Hello everyone.
New Adalo user here… establishing my first External Collection.
I was able to create and successfully test the External Collection, but one of the required parameters is an “input”. To create and test the EC, I used a dummy value (“test”), but I need this string to be provided later on, during the app use, using a Text Input field.
When trying to crate the EC without this “input” attribute, the test shows error (which is expected, since the “input” is mandatory for my query).
This is how my EC is set:

How to create and test the EC without all mandatory parameters, or how to use a value (maybe through Magic Text) that is provided in one of the app’s screen?


I just found a way to circumvent the issue I was having: I now register in User Collection the type of input I want to use, so now I can use it when creating the External Collection.
I found it a very odd way to perform the task, but I am working with the tools Adalo provides hahaha.