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We are working on an app that shows stores information like social media, location and contact information. We are also presenting opening hours through the app - would it be possible to link these to the opening hours the specific store has on Google?

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I am working on a similar External Collection Benjamin. I am almost there to make it work perfectly, but I am facing a small issue raised on this forum topic:

I am using Google Places API, which I believe will help on your task.
Take a look on this Google Places Documentation:

This forum topic also helped me a lot:

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That you for your response Rafael.

What does it mean that you almost have it figured out? Does it work to link the stores opening hours to a text box in Adalo?


This is by the way great news for me!
Excited to look at the articles you linked.

I say I am almost there because the External Collection can be created and tested, but with a dummy value for the parameter “input”, required in the Google Places API’s “Find Place”. But, when using the External Collection to go to Google Places and perform any query, the EC uses the dummy value provided during EC creation. Because of that, the real input provided in the screen I am creating is not used, since only one input is allowed.
If I can find a way to solve this issue, I will be able to use Find Place query to search for a place (based on a Text Field component value provided by the user) and then use Google Place API’s “Place Details” to request all the place’s details. In your case, this Place Details query can bring opening hours.
Take a look on the forum link I provided previously and you will get more details, including screenshot of what I mentioned here.

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Just posted an update on my issue with a solution I found: