External connection to Google Sheets directly


I am trying to create a connection to Google Sheets directly using Google APIs. To begin with, I am using a Google Sheet with unrestricted Access and I have created an API Key on the Google console.

When I use these to test the connection, the data in the sheet is pulled in perfectly. However, when I try to create a connection, an error shows up. Refer the following image for both of these.

I am currently on a trial pack and I understand that one should have a paid service to connect to external DBs. But I believe that the trial pack also qualifies for the same. Refer the following image.

I do know that there are a few 3rd party services that intermediate connections to Google Sheets, but I am keen on connecting directly to the same, by creating the requisite credentials using Google APIs. I could not find any satisfactory responses to this anywhere in the community or tutorials.

All inputs will be helpful and welcome !!! :slight_smile:

Hi @Murali,

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Does this error not shows if you try create the external collection after refreshing your tab?

I also have tried to connect my sheet directly as a external collection without 3rd parties and the test was successful but unfortunately I only get the valueRanges , Mager Dimension and values as text properties and not return the rows. I think that maybe a JSON format problem. I have contacted Adalo support too and they said that this may will be a feature request.

However I succeed at Creating, Updating and Deleting rows with this Sheets API :partying_face: : Google Sheets - Create,Update and Delete.mp4 - Google Drive

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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Thanks. Looks like it is indeed a new feature request. Thats the response I got from Adalo support.

But I see that this has been requested of Adalo for a long time now.

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