Google Sheets API External Collection

Hi all

Very new to Adalo and i’m wondering how i can link my Google sheets to my Adalo as an external collection. The process appears to be very simple however i’m not sure what I need to enter for the following;

  • API Base URL
  • Auth Setup

Any help very much appreciated!

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Try through sheetdb


Hi all,

I was searching for a solution that excludes external providers and it’s free. I found this article:

I managed to set up and connect Google Sheets.

It supports:

Select functions

Once you set up Autocode (free account) you will be able to find your endpoints here:

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Question: we shouldn’t need Autocode/Zapier/Integromat to export our data to Google Sheets, right?

As long as we can figure out the proper api base url, headers, and json syntax, we should be able to run an Adalo Custom Action on any user action, sending data to GSheets.

I feel the simplest way is to use integromat + custom actions

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