How to use Google sheets as external collection for adalo

I want to use Google sheets as external collection for Adalo. I know, there are a lot of API service providers but I want to integrate Adalo and Google sheets without any third party API services.

Is it possible to make our own api?
Or there are any free solutions?

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Hi Apsire,

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There are some No-code tools that allow you to turn any google sheet into an API. Below are the websites.


Thanks for your reply. But I need to connect without any third party integrations… Is it possible?

Can we use adalo collections API to transfer data to google sheets? If possible, how to do that?

Did you ever get a reply to this? This should be straightforward but everyone is being funneled to and other pay services

Shouldn’t it be possible with some custom Google Scripts to facilitate what sheetDB does instead of having to use a monthly paid service?

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