External data - query parameter

Finally, I got myself some API-data. But now the next problem: What should I add to those fields? Adalo really really need some more explanation videos on how to import API’s.

I’m trying to make a make something like this:

Any tips?

Hi @niels,

As I understand, “Query Parameters” are added to the request to the External Collection via API.
For example, see here: Filtering Airtable Lists - Adalo Resources - how it works with AirTable.

In other words, when you add “filterByFormula” to Name and ({Field Name} = ‘Hawaii’) to Value fields, it will lead to adding something like filterByFormula=%28%7BField%20Name%7D%20%3D%20%27Hawaii%27%29
to the actual URL of the external collection API.

So probably you need to investigate the parameters of your specific API and see how this Query field could be used.

Sorry for a bit fuzzy explanation :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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