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Hi. It seems that the query is not working for airtable. I would like to make a chart from data filtered by a specific user. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards

Hi @jorgemartins55

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You can use the filterByFormula query to filter records in to show in lists and charts. Can you share some screenshots of your setup so far? When you say filtered by a user, do you have your users also in Airtable?


Those are the pictures with config of Adalo with Adalo.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @jorgemartins55,

Seems that your filter in Query Parameter is not correct.
See here: Filtering Airtable Lists - Adalo Resources

Name - you put filterByFormula
Value - you put ({user} = ‘aa@aa.com’)


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Hi Vitor. Thanks for your help. I followed your suggestions but query is not working. is there any alternative ?

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@jorgemartins55 hey your query parameter should be in the editor while filtering the results, no in the external collections setup.

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Hi @jorgemartins55 ,

@bhanu is 100% correct. There is no need to use filterByFormula in the connection setup. Use it later, when you do the actual list filtering.


Hi @Victor - if I have an external collection called leads via Supabase, will the format be the same as if I was using Airtable? So will Name be filterByFormula, and if my table/collection is called leads with a column called status, what would the Value be if I only wanted to show records where the status column is equal to “complete”? Many thanks.

Hi @Jono,

Of course for Supabase format will be different. filterByFormula is Airtable-specific.

See “filters” section in Supabase API docs. You need to use “.eq” query parameter.