External database (collections) for high traffic app


I’m currently building an app in Adalo that may possibly get a pretty good amount of users. The app is somewhat database intensive — kind of like a chat app — users are constantly performing actions that create and update database records.

With that said, I imagine at some point an app with a database hosted on Adalo could begin to get slow? (For example, let’s say an app with 10s of thousands of users?)

What service provider could I use to externally host a database for an Adalo app? (So that high traffic/bandwidth will be no concern.) Would any service that offers a REST API work?

I’ve already built most of the app using an Adalo database — is there any easy way to move everything over?

I’d greatly appreciate any help!

Thank you,

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Check this out, may help! Can the adalo database support 100,000 users? - Help / Database - Adalo

Thanks for the reply. I read through it. Seems like Adalo databases do struggle with a lot users. Someone suggested Airtable, although I’m not sure that Airtable is built for large scalable databases.

As stated by someone is to stay internal if you don’t feel right, but airtable has more advanced databases in my opnions.

Do you use Airtable for Adalo apps? Someone said that relationships between data is not possible in Airtable?

I haven’t tried it in my opinions, but I would say stay internal that what I could recommend with paid plan!

Okay. I appreciate your input.

Hi @Mikhaeel,

You’re right, there is no built-in option in Adalo to work with relationships in Airtable.
Though you could try to build the logic manually - but this will require quite a bit of work, as for me.

In my opinion though, if your app has a 10K+ DAU, it might be worthwhile to invest in full-code version :wink:

Best regards, Victor.

Hey Victor,

Thanks for your reply. Is there any external database option that will allow me to work with relationships within Adalo? Or does Adalo currently not support any external databases with relationships?

Is there any information about Adalo’s max user capacity? (Max bandwidth?)


Hi @Mikhaeel,

AFAIK, Adalo doesn’t support relationships for non-built-in databases.

As for max user capacity - I’ve heard that the largest app in Adalo has around 100K users. But it is not just the capacity - there are a lot of other factors affecting app performance: usage frequency, app complexity, number of simultaneous users, complexity of requests, etc.

Assessing app scalability could be a big and complex project. There is no “magic formula” to calculate how your app will scale with user growth, be it Adalo, other no-code platform or full-code solution.


Hi Victor,

I understand. Thanks for explaining.


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maybe you can create a custom api connected to an external Database for storage and use adalo collection as a cache.