External Database — Not All Fields Available

Hey, I’m new here !

I figured out how to use the Adalo API to connect with my Airtable database.
However, even though everything is connected, when I am using the magic text for a component, not all fields of my database are available, only 2 pops up instead of 10.

I already disconnected & reconnected and verified I have all fields available on my database.

Thanks for the help

Hi @insoos,

Welcome to the forum!

When you’re connecting your Airtable DB as an external collection, please be sure that in Airtable base, in the 1st row all fields have some values.

Explanation: when Adalo creates new External Collection, it needs to understand which fields should be included. As I understand it forms the structure based on the 1st row of the reply. Airtable, in turn, does not return the field if it is empty. As a consequence Adalo doesn’t include it in the collection - it simply doesn’t know about it.

Best regards, Victor.

Couldn’t have said it better than @Victor and as a small tip, if you add or remove fields from Airtable, remember you need to refresh the API again.

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