External Functions to Adalo - New external functions available for use in Adalo

We are working hard to present a package of external functions for Adalo very soon, which do not need to be installed on the system:


I recommend you try the Adalo APP test that is in the link that I just put.

I hope it is helpful to the Adalo community and the “NO CODE” world.



This is the address of the Adalo demo APP:


Please give “Share APP” to make it as big a community as possible. To be able to grow and develop new functions and improvements. The more we are, the cheaper and more functions.


Sounds great, but curious how the geolocation will be processed, because from what I see, it will be external, a bit concerned with users in Europe due to GDPR. But great, this is a needed feature by many of us.

You can put a checkbox to accept the legal conditions and a link to the legal text, so there is no problem.

About the operation, it is very simple.

When the user puts the data in the form, the form collects all the data that he has entered, plus the full address, and the GPS location (latitude and longitude). All this also goes to an email, which has been configured as the recipient of the form. But through WebHook the data is sent. You have to create a WebHook in Zapier to collect this data and send it to an Adalo collection. So when the form is submitted, make a call to Zapier, Zapier collects the data you want, such as the full address, and the latitude and longitude, and sends it to the database you want from an APP of Adalo.

As I have configured it in the tests, it sends the full address, with the name of the street, the city, the zip code and sends it to a collection of Zapier of Text, and the longitude and latitude to two numeric fields.

Thank you very much,but didn’t understand if this is based on GPS current location, or just translating the full address to all geo coordinates? I am super interested in GPS current location. Thank you very much :slight_smile: .

The tests that I have done in several different locations, it has always nailed the address, the street number included, so it is very accurate. I cannot guarantee if a mobile navigates with a Proxy, it gets the correct address, but the real tests under normal conditions that I have carried out have been exact.

You can actually test it, just enter that function, you don’t have to submit the form. Simply click on the last option in the form (Geolocation), and after requesting the permissions, you will see that the address appears. So you can try it out for yourself.

I have added several demonstration videos on Youtube.

They are at the bottom of this page:


We are pleased to inform you that our system is now ready to be used with Adalo. Also with a great novelty, you can create an UBER-type APP.

Price $10/m