Geolocation User Tracking and automatic PDF creation E-Mail automation

Hello Community,

i am super new to Adalo (started yesterday) and managed to build an app already.

Now i need to go in deeper and have a few problems.
What i need my app to do:

The App should collect the Geolocation Data of a User every lets say 3 minutes and show them on a Map - this map should be sent to a customer with E-Mail and be available until the AppUser arrives at the defined destination on the map.

Also i need to App to automatically send Reports (out of a Collection) per E-Mail (PDF attachment). Containing some of the Collection Data and GPS stamps shown on a map.

Is it somehow possible to accomplish this? Also workarounds would be good, working with external resources is good too.

If that’s not possible, i sadly need to look for alternatives to adalo.

Appreciate every hint i can get!

Thanks in advance, and a good day!


Not possible I’m afraid.

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