External link after custom action is only working on desktop PWA, not mobile PWA?

Hey guys! Basically, I have set up an API for my payment processor so that the user is redirected to my PWA after reaching the payment_success screen. This is the Adalo setup for this:
As you can see, there is a custom action which receives a URL to send the user to, which allows the user to be redirected to the app after payment is completed. After the custom action, there is an external link which sends the user to the link generated from the custom action being executed.

I have tested this many times, and it works perfectly every single time from my laptop. However, when pressing the exact same button, without editing a single thing, on my mobile device (Safari, iPhone 12), it doesn’t work. It spins, completes the custom action, and then doesn’t send me to the URL. It just stops spinning and does nothing.

The weirdest thing is that it has worked on mobile, after I spam-pressed the button for about 20 seconds, it just randomly opened the correct link and the payment redirect worked fine!

This was posted here before, with the exact same issue, but there isn’t a resolution in the replies unfortunately. I have already raised a support ticket and, as usual, they just advised me to post it here. Any advice is massively appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!

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hello, yes, I figured it out for a long time so that the transition would be inside the application, in the end everything turned out and I’m glad

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