External link not working in my pwa

in my pwa the external link is not working. hello everyone, my problem leads me to a dead end, to use adalo. I paid the tariff and created a payment api actions that receives data for the order and should send it to the external bank site for payment. this action works when i do it on laptop but it doesn’t work on mobile phone… i found out what could be and tried deleting setting and setting again, i don’t have instant navigation, only pay button and it doesn’t work on mobile phone but works on a laptop, why is that? what should i do to make it work on mobile phone? I ask for the help of the entire community, this is important and completely affects the future

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This post appears to be the exact same as the previous post that you created 2 days ago (I created an api request but no transition)

Tagging users here is not as effective as submitting a support ticket. Please submit a support ticket for this issue instead.

The community is here to help with a lot of issues, but when it comes to getting actual help from Adalo, it’s better to submit a support ticket.

Keep in mind that Adalo Experts and Adalo Community Leaders do not work for Adalo and do not have access to your app to troubleshoot.

Additionally, when we ask you to provide a screen recording to show more information, you do not provide it and then you ask for more help without giving more information. This makes it more difficult to provide you assistance when you can’t provide us with more information. We’re trying to be helpful to you but in order to be helpful, we need your full cooperation.

thanks everyone for your help. I just spoke with support and we have resolved this issue. now I have a new question that I’m looking for an answer to… how do I set the url for a custom window in my pwa ? this window thank you for the purchase, now all windows when I actively click in the web version contain the same url address… how can I find the desired url or set, how can I do this?:::

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