Set page url in PWA, is it real?

hi all. I looked through a lot of information on this but there is no answer. tell me how to bind a specific url for one of the windows in the pwa version of Adalo? the bottom line is that it is necessary to redirect after a successful payment, the thank you window that transmits the data and the window is not successful. any help is greatly appreciated…i hope someone knows how to do this

Hello, for that I don’t think the url is necessary… you can do it… for example if it’s with stripe, if the payment is successful you create a page that is order data and link that page… there you can put the Order data.

it’s not a streak, but how does it get to the success screen? in my Api I enter page url after payment success

Ok, what payment method are you using? Stripe? or which? if you use stripe on the button is the action, what do you want it to do if the payment is correct

It’s pretty doable what payment are you using? and are you connected to a custom domain? and sorry to ask PWA for the native app (the share) or desktop app

yes, I connected a custom domain and use the pwa version, I call the bank using the api method (I generate a token, enter data into it, transfer data via api, and then a secure web page for payment opens, after successful payment of which it redirects to the page url that I wrote

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