External Link - Forward slash being double encoded (%2F to %252F)

Having an encoded forward slash (%2F) in a URL doesn’t seem to work with an External Link action. It appears to be double encoding the forward slash and replacing %2F with %252F in the URL. The consequence is that you obviously can’t access your external content. This is a major problem for me right now, as I’m trying to open a PDF in the device browser, but as my URL is being altered, the PDF can’t be found.

Thanks for pointing this out. This is definitely a bug on our side. I have submitted it to the team.

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Following up on this post that our dev team has had a chance to look over this and it isn’t a simple solution. There are quite a few factors in place and avenues of pros/cons to go down. The product team at large will be having a discussion on this in the new year 2021 to talk through the right options moving forward that do not cause disruptions to current apps as well as provide more programatic understanding of already encoded URLs.