Special character getting encoded in URL

I want to redirect from adalo page to an external link. However, the link contains @ character in it which is getting encoded to %40 and causing the URL to not work as expected.

I tried using the URL encoder/decoder component to decode the URL but it’s still not working. Does anyone know how to solve this?

This is an example of a properly encoded URL with the “@” character:

as written: https://foobar.fo?somefunction=sendingthis&mail@foobar.fo&someotherthing=42

encoded: https://foobar.fo%3Fsomefunction%3Dsendingthis%26mail%40foobar.fo%26someotherthing%3D42

Hello, you can use any Url shortener, and then paste the new link in your external linking action.

I hope I have solved your problem.
Thank you!

The link is being generated on demand so I cant use URL shortener.

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